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Softgel Capsules

Pharmatech has many years of experience in making softgel capsules. We also produce soft chewable capsules, with added flavours to improve the taste and convenience of capsule supplementation. 

Softgel capsule examples
  • Standard capsules with gelatin made from bovine, porcine or fish

  • Halal approved bovine limebone gelatin capsules

  • Chewable capsules with soft gelatin shells

  • Full-gelatin based capsules with vitamins or Omega-3 additives

  • Flavor and color additives can be added to gelatin shell or oil filling, colorants can be natural, lifelike or artificial

  • Tropical capsule shells are more resistant to temperature and humidity changes

  • Pastes and emulsions with optional added solids, such as herbs and plant extracts, vitamins or minerals can be capsuled

  • Nitrogen based production ensures minimal oxidation

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